As you can tell I love texture!!!

This new series titled “Marshland” is made with my painted/dyed fabric, upholstery fabric, sheers, silk, ribbon, yarn, plastic, paper, wood, re-purposed florals, buttons and my decorative stitch thread painting technique. Using these materials allows me to go wild with texture. I started making this linier style of stitching over 15 years ago, when I began to use the built-in decorative stitches from my sewing machine. Over the years, this linier style has evolved into this new series. I would consider this 2 - Dimensional with a twist. The “Marshland” theme came about from viewing the beautiful wetlands from my home in southern Illinois and traveling though out the country. The art quilts are made from the perspective of seeing them from a side view. Looking at the layers of the plant shapes. Seeing the flowers and insects peaking out. I have always loved these wetlands and this series is a tribute to them. I hope to bring awareness not only to there beauty, but also to the importance of there existence to the ecosystem. The marshland is natures filtering system. They need to be protected.