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Your Machine's Decorative Stitches

Has all the technical information you will need to get started using your built-in stitches. Go past straight stitches and zigzags, and pump your quilts with surface design excitement.

There are 12 small art quilt projects and 2 larger art quilt projects 

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Introducing my new Needle Felted Mood Lighting/Nightlight

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Decorative Stitch Thread Painting

using your
Machine's Built-in Decorative Stitches

Decorative stitch thread painting is a technique I developedthat took me 12 years to perfect. I have been teaching this technique since 2009. My classes are full of tons of information. I have 50 years experience working in the fiber arts. I will show you how to alter the decorative stitch to create many images & designs. Plus how to get more from your sewing machine by showing you features your machine may have that you are not familiar with. Check out the CLASSES page for more information

I am proud to announce my tree quilt

"Glorious In Winter"

is now part of the permanent collection at the

National Quilt Museum

in Paducah, KY