Glorious  Trees

My tree series came about after a major storm ripped through our property and did extensive damage to our old growth trees. I was working on the first tree quilt and demoing my technique at an art fair in St. Louis. That night a friend called to tell us about the storm and the damage that was done to our trees, deck and buildings. This was on a Friday night. I did not get home until late Sunday night. The power was out everywhere. Total darkness. I could not see the damage until the next morning. Our main deck was completely covered with branches. We started to slowly remove the broken branches. Some where huge. The more we removed, I could start seeing the damage to the objects buried on the deck. There was a lot of smashed stuff. But I began to notice that the stuff that was ruined was the old ugly stuff. All of my concrete planters, yard art and good stuff was all intact. None of it was damaged. It was like the trees knew what was ok to destroy and what not to. So that was the beginning of my tree series. I decided to call Glorious. You can't tell me that the trees don't feel and maybe even think. Anyway we were lucky that we did not loose any of our beautiful old growth trees. They were severely wounded, but came back and still provide wonderful shade, beauty, homes for birds and critters. Old growth trees need to be protected, they are the earth's lungs.