About Me


About Me

Ever since I was a little girl I was always making something out of fabric.

I started doing fiber work at the age of eight making doll clothes and knitting. At the age of ten I started to do bead work and hand embroidery.

In high school I was lucky to have an art teacher with a fiber arts background who helped me to branch out and explore new materials. I developed my discipline for detail and the long hours that fiber art requires while working on those high school projects.

After high school I attended the Southern Illinois University at Carbondale majoring in fiber arts, studying under M. Joan Lintault. It was there that I was encouraged to explore even more techniques, materials, and ideas. I created the foundation of my style during these years, that is still recognizable in my work today.

During the past thirty five years I have received numerous awards and recognition for my work which has been exhibited in publications, TV, art fairs, galleries and private commissions all over the United States, Japan and Europe.

Today I make my home in beautiful southern Illinois, with my husband and my 4 legged kids.


 In 2009 I was ready to start sharing my process. I was invited to teach at a local quilting shop. This gave me the opportunity to focus on the "how to" of teaching this process that I created and to work out the kinks.   

 Soon I began teaching my decorative stitch thread painting technique at quilt festivals, quilt stores and quilting guild throughtout the USA.

 Teaching has been a wonderful experience, I love the idea of sharing the knowledge

for more information on my classes, check out the Teaching Information site on the Home page

Books & Publications





available on 

my ETSY site

 "Creative Uses  for Decorative Stitches" 

available on 

my ETSY site


 Quilting Arts TV PBS

"On Location" 

with Pokey Bolton

at the Chicago International Quilt 

Festival - 2009 

Episode 501

"Decorative Stitch Thread Painting"

co-authored with 

Nancy Zieman 

 Quilting Arts Magazine 

June/July 2009

"In the Spotlight" article and quilt photo on the cover


American Quilter Magazine

series of four articles starting January 2011


Quilting Art 

In Stitches E magazine

"Creating Depth with Layered Decorative Stitches"


SAQA Journal

article by Lynne Davis

"Rebuilding The Wall On My Terms"


Plus many featured articles

from local newspapers

My Process

To create my painted fabric with decorative stitch thread work, I start out with white fabric.

I paint a resist with stencils and stamps.

When this dries, I apply dye to create my background color.

 The painted/dyed fabric is backed with low loft quilt batting and medium weight stabilizer. 

Now I start my "Decorative Stitch" embroidery to create the botanical images made out of thread.  I start out doing large background work and continue to work smaller and smaller.  I use my built-in decorative stitches like a paintbrush. They are layered and sometimes distorted. 

At the bottom of the art quilt I will add pieces of fabric to create the ground imaging. This is a layering of rough edge scraps of fabric, netting, or anything that will give me the texture I'm looking for and allow my machine to sew through.   

I finish up with twisted/gathered yarn.

The Histoy  of my  Thread Painting Technique

In 2001 I started working on a series of 10 art quilts about spiritual recovery called "Rebuilding the Wall on My Terms". The fifth quilt "Dreaming, Wishing, Grieving" was a difficult piece. The intense subject matter, incredible amount of thread work and the technical problems on the piece left me emotionally drained. I was looking for something fun to work on before I moved on to the sixth quilt. I started to play with painting and stamping fabric, I had no idea what I was doing. I made a lot of mistakes, some major rejects. But, I was intrigued by the results. I kept working small experimenting with markers, colored pencils, stamps and stencils, I started to layer bits of fabric, netting, onion bags, yarn and machine embroidered thread work. The "Fantasy Garden" series was born. I have been working on this series since 2004. I feel I have finally found my artistic voice with the fantasy garden art quilts. They are very free form, bright colored fun pieces.


TV Shows


Sewing with Nancy - PBS

2 part series that features my

"Decorative Stitch Thread Painting" technique

Episodes 2321 & 2322


Sewing With Nancy - PBS

Segment on Nancy's Corner

Episode 2420


Quilting Arts TV - PBS

"On Location" with Pokey Bolton

at the Chicago - International Quilt Festival - 2009 

This segment features my

"Layered Fabric Painting" technique

Episode 501


In Focus - WSIU - PBS

10 minute segment on

"Rebuilding The Wall On My Terms"

a series of 10 art quilts on spiritual recovery

Expressions - WSIU - PBS

28 minute interview with Najjar Abdul-Musawwir



my work is available

River Gallery
400 East Second St.
Chattanooga, TN

Museum of the American

Quilter's Society Gift Shop

215 Jefferson St. Paducah, KY


Galesburg Civic Art Center
114 E Main St.
Galesburg, IL

Visions Art Gallery & Studio
located on the Historic Boardwalk
Makanda, IL

Pack Rats Paradise (booth #13)
220 S. Front St
Cobden, IL


AQS  -  American Quilter's Society

SAQA  -  Studio Art Quilters Association

MOFA  -  Missouri Fiber Artist

PFG  -  Paducah Fiber Group